… It is now time to backup before moving to alternative online hosting solutions…

If you are looking for a replacement for iWeb, look no further than here: WordPress.com has matured into a convenient website creation tool. Sure, it is not an App as it is web based, but it allows to work your site on any Apple iDevices (iWeb was never release for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). Sure, it might not be as WYSIWYG as iWeb or other App, but the template are nice and flexible enough for most users. Contrary to iWeb, you will also find that a WordPress.com website is much lighter and hence faster to load and dynamic (i.e. presentation changes based on which device is used to access it, like an iPhone…).

The MobileMe galleries were well integrated with iPhoto, but creating one in WordPress.com is as easy as drag and drop. Alternatively, for galleries, consider ZangZing (Edit 2012-08-05: ZangZing will be shutting down on 2012-08-31).

I will miss the iDisk: its integration in MacOS X and how easy it was to share files hosted on it… However, by then, people must already know DropBox. It is an excellent alternative (and didn’t you find the rate of transfer of the iDisk appalling? Slower than old good FTP/SSH…).

For the Mails, Contacts, Calendars, look no further than Apple’s own iCloud. The first 5 GB come free with every account you create…

Forgotten dotMac, farewell MobileMe, long live iCloud!